In 2004 the author compiled a “book” intended for family members, entitled “I Remember It Well”, comprised of letters home, travel essays and extracts from his diaries, covering a twenty month period , following the completion of his university studies, from 1965-1967, during which time he hitchhiked, youth-hostelled and worked his way throughout most of Western Europe. In concluding that "book" he noted that over the intervening years, he continued to travel abroad and indicated that he was planning a five week trip to Australia and New Zealand in November, 2004. He did take that trip, preceded the year before by a trip to Morocco and Egypt. Since those trips he began the practise of writing periodic travelogues of his annual travels, which he e-mailed home to members of his family and a few friends, reflecting in a light-hearted and at times amusing manner, his impressions of the people, the places and the experiences encountered in the various places that he visited. By 2006 he had fallen into the pleasant habit of usually taking one major trip abroad every year and he began seriously and regularly to write travelogues of his day-to-day experiences and impressions of the various places he visited. He also took many photographs during those travels and showed them to family and friends upon his return home. During the past decade he has also traveled extensively in the United States of America, although he has not written travelogues about those shorter trips. The travel adventures, described in this series of mini e-books, have been taken either independently or as part of a group tour and have taken the author to South America, New Zealand, the Far East, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


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