A remarkable story of discovery, They Call Me Mzee: One Man's Safari into Brightest Africa charts the cultural and spiritual life of present-day Uganda, East Africa. Part memoir, part travelogue, this inspiring book revisits the author's journey from a Presbyterian church in Chicago to the heart of equatorial Africa. Accompanying his informative portrait of Uganda is an uplifting and moving personal testament to a place and a culture where people seem to need faith in their lives in the same way they need air and food and water. Conversations with public figures ranging from the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to the U.S. Ambassador jimmy Kolker give firsthand witness to initiatives implemented by Uganda, often in conflict with internaitonal aid agencies and other governments on a range of issues, including the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Astute and full of local color, these stories both creat a vibrant tableau of daily life in Uganda nd explain the idioms, customs and mindsets while bearing witness to its shared spiritual life through unforgettable stories of struggle and perseverance that are sure to inspire and generate hope. This SmashWords edition includes an appendix that addresses issues in Uganda as of April, 2014 including the nation's controversial stance on homosexuality. The edition also includes photos and live links.

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