After living in Croatia for seven years, author Barbara Unković returned to her New Zealand birthplace for an extended family holiday. With the holiday over, and eager to be back in her adopted homeland, Barbara's joy upon her return to Croatia is marred by the rude welcome she receives. Barbara and her husband Denis, had set up home in the beautiful village of Račišće on the island of Korčula on the edge of the brilliant, blue, Adriatic Sea. On the surface, this is an idyllic paradise; however, beneath that illusion it is something else entirely... Hurt and confused by her welcome, Barbara is determined to stay in Croatia, if only to search out the answers to the many puzzles and strange revelations that have come to light regarding the Croatian side of her family - events which her father was never prepared to discuss with her. Paradise is tainted even further when a possible buyer for the ruin next door appears and neighbours create even more overwhelming disturbances. Will colourful holidays to Hvar, and the war-scarred cities of Mostar and Sarajevo be sufficient to restore her sense of belonging, and help her deal with the inescapable tentacles of communism which threaten to destroy not only her home, but also her sense of well-being and happiness?

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